Another runner-in-training!

I’ve secretly wanted to be a runner for a while.  During college and grad school, I had a number of inspiring roommates.  Living with Jess and watching her train for marathons was a very cool experience.  She helped me train for a 5K which I ran with my brother.  Such a great day!  Since then, I’ve gotten out of the habit of training and my sporadic running has resulted in sore knees.  After talking with some of the ladies I exercise with after work, I decided to train for a race again but to do it slowly to make sure my knees still like me at the end of the day.  I downloaded a 5K training app on my phone and it’s worked pretty well so far.  This morning I completed one of the walk/run training sessions.  In the middle of the workout, a lady hopped on the treadmill next to mine and began a walk/run combo.  When I finished my workout and started stretching, she said, “I’m trying to convince myself I’m a runner.”  We talked for a few minutes and I learned she had just downloaded a training app as well.  Today was her first day of training!  I enjoyed talking with her and having the opportunity to encourage each other to continue our training.  Hopefully I’ll see her again on another training session.

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