Reindeer Romp

I completed the Reindeer Romp 5k yesterday.  Such a fun experience!  For the last part of the race, I ran near a man with a hat that played Christmas carols.  The music definitely brought the holiday spirit.  In addition to Christmas carols at the start and finish line, one of my favorite parts of the race was the costumes.  I saw everything from Santa hats and hilarious Christmas knee high socks to reindeer antlers.

Also, a number of parents ran with their kids.  I was very impressed with the kids’ training and endurance.  I loved hearing the parents coach their kids as they ran together with comments like, “Breathe like we talked about”, “You can do this, we’re almost halfway there”, and “See the finish line?  Let’s try to sprint to the end!”   

Yes, I’ve been bitten by the “racing bug”.  🙂  I love the encouragement and energy that comes from running as part of an event. It’s also a great feeling to have trained for something and be able to see the benefits of that training.  Races are definitely something I’d like to continue to do regularly throughout my life.  I also think it would be really fun to try community races with my future kids.

The star of the race was my Garmin watch.  Man, that watch was invaluable!  Knowing my pace and distance traveled at any time during the race made it much easier for me to pace myself and make sure I left enough energy to finish strong. 

I’m doing a fun 5k in February but will be focusing mostly on training for a 10k that I’m running toward the end of February.  I can’t wait!!

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