Two years ago this month, I made a big change in my life – I stopped eating sugary foods. It definitely wasn’t easy but I’d reached the point when I knew that it was necessary for me.  At first I worried about offending people who gave me desserts or attracting attention when I turned down offers for treats. I quickly realized that it didn’t matter. This was a choice I made to stay healthy and sane.  It didn’t matter what anyone else thought.  Armed with that knowledge, I moved forward and found a freedom that tasted better than any cookie.  
Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it’s pretty difficult to say “no” to requests to make desserts or offers for treats.  In the end though, I am a much happier and healthier person for having made the decision to stay away from those substances.  I also discovered that most people are very supportive of my choice.  In case any of you are struggling with this issue (or something similar), I wanted to share a few things that have helped me:
1. Support from loved ones
2. Prayer
3. Exercise
4. Getting enough sleep
5. Knowledge that I’m not alone
In talking with others who share similar sugar issues, I realized that my experiences are not unusual.  Just a few days ago, a church friend of mine mentioned that she gave up sugar and posted a great video.  It’s a fantastic reminder that we have the power to create change.
Please don’t think that this is a choice I’d ask anyone else to make.  Giving up sugary foods was just the right choice for me.  If you are considering something similar and have any questions, I’m here to support you!
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