Boopa’s Bagel 10k Recap

I participated in the Boopa’s Bagel 10k race this morning – it was a blast! The race raised money and awareness for the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas.  The race organizers placed signs with facts about Down Syndrome and pictures of kids with Down Syndrome along the race route.  The pictures and facts were so touching that I teared up a few times.  Although I appreciated the signs all along the route, they were especially meaningful toward the end of the race.  My legs felt pretty heavy and I needed the inspiration! 

I loved the little kids waiting around the halfway point and then again at the 5 mile marker giving high-fives to the runners.  It’s hard for me to think about how tired I am when a little kid gives me a high-five and yells, “You’re excellent!”  Definitely made me smile.

 (I apologize ahead of time for the glare and quality of this picture)

Just as I’d hoped, Boopa’s provided each participant with a delicious bagel and gourmet cream cheese at the finish line.  Each participant also received a coupon for a dozen free bagels. Yum!


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