Just breathe…

Recently I’ve realized I needed more relaxation in my life… šŸ™‚  Well, I’ve known this for quite a while but finally started to make stress reduction a bigger priority in my life.  I’ve discovered that I really like yoga and have taken a few classes at the gym in my office building.  The teacher is amazing and I always come away feeling refreshed and less tense.  I’ve noticed that the stretching helps with post-running soreness and I feel more in tune with my body when I finish.  It’s amazing how much kinder I want to be to my self after finishing a yoga session – I’m more aware of the food I put in my body, how much food I eat, the thoughts I think about my body and the pace at which I rush to accomplish my tasks for the day.  
In case anyone else felt overwhelmed this week,  I wanted to share something else I found helpful:
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