Night and Day

On Friday evening I felt a little down and knew I needed something to help me feel better. I considered watching the latest episode of Castle (love that show!) but then decided a quick treadmill run would be a better idea.  I’m amazed at how much running lifts my mood!  Initially I decided to run a couple miles …. then I noticed that Legally Blonde was on television. That movie always makes me smile so I decided to keep running while I watched. Four miles became five and then I decided that six miles would be a good place to stop. After six though, I felt really good and decided to keep going – and get my long run out of the way for the coming week.  Before I knew it, I finished nine miles! I stopped there since I’d run out of water and didn’t want to push myself too much. Man,  it was great!  As a side note,  I also discovered that raisins make a good energy chew substitute.
Let’s fast forward now to yesterday evening. Since I didn’t have to do my long run (thanks, Legally Blonde and raisins!!), I decided to do a five miler.  Honestly, the first two miles were brutal.  The run got better but I was definitely dragging.  Part of it probably had to do with the timing and content of my pre-run snack but even so, I noticed a huge difference in how I felt compared with Friday’s run. I guess it’s all part of the learning process…
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