Real Food

Earlier today a friend asked for my opinion on what she calls “fake” food – heavily processed food with added nutrients.  I’ve learned that my body doesn’t react well to that type of food.  I’m a big fan of real food – minimally processed,  ingredients I can pronounce and few preservatives/additives. This hasn’t always been the case. A couple years ago I discovered that my body doesn’t handle sugar well. Probably in part because I ate sugar by the pound and got started at a young age …
When I made this discovery and stopped eating sugary foods, I felt better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that everyone give up sugar. It’s just what is right for my body. 
After the sugar change, I began paying attention to the way my body handled other foods.  I noticed my body reacted best to real foods. On the advice of a friend, I read a couple books by Michael Pollan (loved In Defense of Food) and resolved to generally eat whole, “real” food.  I’m not extreme but try to consistently eat minimally processed food because honestly, it makes me feel better.  I also believe that real food tastes really good (especially the crock pot meals my husband makes – so delicious!!)
I also found these blogs helpful with my food transition:
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