General Conference Part 1

I love General Conference weekend!  I come away feeling uplifted, strengthened and encouraged.

 After listening to today’s talks, I felt touched by a few particular thoughts:

*Face fears with faith in Heavenly Father, His love and His power.
*Slow down, take the time to strengthen your family and build close relationships.
*Take time to listen to and understand the perspective of others before responding in tense conversations.
*Many of us are very busy.  Don’t become so busy that good things crowd out the best things.
*Be careful about multitasking – we can only give attention to one thing at a time.  Make sure that we give our loved ones and Heavenly Father our full attention.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s talks!

After last week’s muffin fiasco, I attempted to redeem myself tonight.  As I mentioned, I don’t bake very often but had a crazy craving for healthy muffins this week.  I don’t know if it’s because I saw some tasty looking muffins that I couldn’t eat (way too sugary and oily) or because I’ve developed runner’s appetite

I found a recipe made with 100% whole wheat flour, pumpkin and raisins.  I also added ground flax seed.  Yay for flax seed!  I haven’t tasted the muffins yet but will let you know how they turned out.

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