Longhorn 10k Recap

Yesterday I participated in the Longhorn 10kso much fun!  The race reminded me of the Rex Lee Run I loved at BYU.  I finished about 4 minutes faster than I did in the Cowtown but slightly slower than the Boopa’s Bagel 10k I did a few weeks ago.  I blame the hills…. man!  This run taught me that I need to incorporate some hill training into my training runs.

Enjoying the sights before the race


Getting ready to go
 I also enjoyed visiting the sponsor displays and sampling food after the race.  A few of my favorites:

I wasn’t sure how I’d like chips made from beans or egg whites but I thought both were quite tasty.
Of course, no trip to Austin would be complete without a stop in West, Texas. 
I also really love the Czech Stop – so delicious!
I’m pretty excited for my next 10k in about 6 weeks.  Hopefully I’ll make my goal of doing the race in under 60 minutes.  So far the closest I’ve come is about 62 minutes.  I know that’s probably slow for you speed demons out there but it’s a big improvement for me.  Happy Wink  Happy Smiley  
I’d be really interested to know if anyone has a good suggestion for speed workouts and/or hill workouts!

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  1. Hey Em – do you have access to a treadmill? I find that running intervals on the treadmill has really helped me with speed. Warm up, run 5 minutes at your 10K pace (6.0?) and the run one minute at 6.5. Go back to base pace for 1 minute and then up to the faster pace for one minute. Cycle back and forth for 20 minutes or so. Then over time, you can increase the base pace and go faster for the intervals.

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