The Power of a Group

It’s no secret that I enjoy running.  Smiley

I love that it’s my time to think, listen to music, watch a show on TV at the gym, zone out, work though a problem, set goals … pretty much whatever I need it to be that day.

Strength training is an entirely different story for me.  I’ve always enjoyed doing my strength training as part of a class or with a friend.  It all started with a women’s weight training class I took with my mom when I was in middle school…  Smiley

I currently participate in a couple of strength training classes with a few of my co-workers and love it!  There’s something about being with friends, having a motivating instructor and changing up the exercises that pushes me to do much more than I would on my own.  For example, last week I missed one of the classes and did weights on my own – not very intense and didn’t last very long.  I attended two classes this week, got a great workout and had fun socializing.  Maybe it’s sharing the pain together or the relief when we finish a set?!  Whatever it is, strength training works much better for me when I’m with an instructor and/or an encouraging friend.  Of course, it’s definitely a plus when I can combine both!

Do you prefer exercising as part of a group or alone?

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