Awesome Quote Wednesday V

We made it to Wednesday!  Today’s quote came at a perfect time for me.  I felt overwhelmed and stumbled across NYC Running Mama’s post “Slowing Down the Treadmill“.  The post was fantastic!  I loved this quote Michele shared from her friend Laura:  

“Over-achievers like me need to learn to step back and relax.  To spend more time in silence, meditation or prayer.  To focus on the people around us, not the to-do list.
And we all need to free ourselves from the pressure to be all things to all people.”
Such an awesome reminder to me to slow down, take a breath and enjoy my time with the people around me!
What is one of your favorite quotes? 
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  1. Thanks so much for your sweet words! Glad you found the post helpful =)
    Hope you had a relaxing weekend!!

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