Dreaming Big

On Saturday morning I did my first outdoor run that wasn’t part of a race!  If you’ve read my blog lately, you’ll know I’m trying to make the transition to running outdoors.  It was awesome!  The temperature was perfect and I loved the peacefulness of running before the streets got hectic.  I felt a little stressed that morning so I listened to a Sheri Dew talk while running.  Listening to Sheri Dew always lifts my spirits.  I had the opportunity to listen to Sheri Dew speak at a YSA conference in San Diego before I moved out to Texas – SO AMAZING! 

One of my favorite parts of her talk dealt with personal revelation.  She encouraged us (please excuse my paraphrasing) to learn how Heavenly Father communicates with us individually through the Spirit – to ask Him to teach us how He speaks to us individually.  You can listen to a portion of the talk she shared here.  Every time I listen to her speak I am reminded that Heavenly Father knows who I am and what I can accomplish.  What an inspiring woman!

Today I went for a treadmill run.  Honestly, I really like running on the treadmill.  I’d done a lot of foam rolling on Saturday night and my legs felt pretty good today.  The first three miles were okay but for some reason I felt a burst of energy and decided to speed up during the last two miles.  Maybe it just took me a while to warm up today?!

 I’ve also made a decision – I want to run a marathon.  When I finished my 12 mile long run a few weeks ago, I realized that I really like distance running.  I love training and pushing myself to reach a goal.  I’ve always set high goals for myself in other aspects of my life and I’m excited about setting and achieving a big fitness goal.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty intimidated by the idea of a 26.2 mile race …. but I want to try anyway. Smiley

Have you listened to any talks or speeches by Sheri Dew?

Have you run a marathon? Thoughts or advice for me?



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2 Responses to Dreaming Big

  1. Running a marathon changed my life in ways I couldn’t anticipate. Big ways and little ways. Congratulations on getting the itch, now go and scratch it! I would suggest finding a race that is known for having great crowd support but isn’t overwhelming in size, or , if you wanna go big style, find a smaller group (like a fundraising group or running association) to go through the experience with. Sort of like a sorority in the midst of a huge university-it will personalize the experience but also make race day far more manageable.
    Also, get everyone on board with you. They need to know that yes, your schedule is going to change a bit, but no, that doesn’t mean you aren’t YOU or that you can’t have fun.
    Do your research, and take your time. Don’t run your long runs (as in 12+ miles ) at your 8 mi pace. You’ll burn your legs out. Speaking of legs/back/pt lacrosse balls travel well. And invest in a session with a physical therapist even just once soyou can pinpoint deficiencies to work on and learn proper techniques.
    But above all, have FUN and enjoy the journey! And reach out if you need help. Good luck and congrats!

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