Happy Memorial Day and Mission Possible 10K

Happy Memorial Day!  I’m grateful for the brave men and women who serve and have served our country.  Thank you to those in the military and their families who make many sacrifices for us!

Also, I ran a 10k on Saturday – my last race before the half marathon in June.  I can’t believe the half marathon is almost here!  On Saturday I did the Mission Possible 10k.  The first few miles of the race went well.  As the weather got warmer, running got more difficult.  By the end of the race, I’d slowed my pace a bit and took an extra walking break.  Although the warm weather was a pain, I enjoyed the race scenery.

Honestly, I’m getting a little worried about running a half marathon in June.  Any tips for running in hot weather would be appreciated!  Smiley

Any tips for running in hot weather?

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  1. Niki says:

    I would rather run in hot than cold weather…but I know I’m the minority on that. I would just say hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…and get a cool hat 🙂 Good luck with your runs!!

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