Running Surfaces

A few weeks ago I shared my desire to transition from treadmill running to road running.  I received some great suggestions and set off this morning to test a route.  After a few minutes, I realized my local outdoor running surface options are pretty limited – concrete or uneven grass with rocks and holes.  I know that concrete is not very forgiving on the legs but don’t want to sprain my ankles on the grass. 

I’d love any advice from outdoor runners on how to find good running surfaces for long runs.  Thanks!!

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2 Responses to Running Surfaces

  1. empressniwi says:

    Hi! I lovee outdoor running, but it’s definitely something you have to get used to. I usually try to run on grass…i found my best bet is to run on the grass next to paths/sidewalks because they’re usually more maintained. If you live anywhere near a park or beach, you can kinda craft your own route to stay off the concrete. Running on concrete or asphalt here and there is fine, but if you run on for a while and for longer runs it’ll start to wear on your knees a bit.

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