It Pays to Plan and GU

I did my long run outside this weekend – 9 miles!  My pace was a little slower than I’d hoped but given the Texas heat and humidity, I felt happy with the run overall.  I drove over to a nice set of trails, parked my car and headed out for the run.  Miles 1-4 felt really good.  At mile 4 I started getting a little sluggish so I ate a GU.  First time trying the Lemon Sublime flavor!  I’ve tried a few different energy gels and so far, the GU gels are my favorite. 

What I like about GU: The gels have a great consistency – thick enough that the gel doesn’t leak out of the package as soon as it’s opened but not so thick that I feel like I’m chewing.  I also love that the flavors aren’t overly sweet.  Some energy gels have a sweet syrupy taste that makes my stomach queasy.  GU gels have a mild taste and sit well in my stomach.  The convenient package size easily fits into the pocket of my running belt until I’m ready to eat the gel.       

What I don’t like about GU: I wish the flavors were a little stronger.  For example, I picked the Lemon Sublime flavor because I thought a hit of citrus would be a great pick-me up during the run.  The flavor was fine but didn’t pack as much of a citrus punch as I had hoped.  Of course, it was also at least 80 degrees on a humid day so it’s possible my taste buds weren’t functioning optimally at the time.  Smiley
I ate the GU and my pace picked up again.  By the time I finished mile 9, my legs felt pretty wiped out.  Then I realized that I had misjudged the distance back to my car … nearly a mile to get back.  Ugh.  I have to admit though, it was exciting to see 10 miles on my Garmin by the time I got back to my car.

What is your favorite energy gel?

Have you ever misjudged your distance and ended up having a longer run than planned? 

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