Jalapeno Half Marathon Recap

My heart is SO full. About 10 months ago, I signed up for the Jalapeno Half Marathon, with the goal of completing a half marathon before turning 30. I’m thrilled to report that I achieved that goal!

First of all, I have to let you know that the furthest I ran in training was 9 miles outdoors and 12 miles on the treadmill. Although treadmill running is very convenient, this race taught me that I need to spend more time training outdoors so that I can get used to hills and wind. That said, my training helped a lot with the mental aspect of the race – it felt great to know going into the race that my legs could definitely carry me for at least 12 miles.

I arrived about an hour before the race start time to park and pick up my race shirt, bib, etc. Unfortunately the race started a few minutes late … normally it wouldn’t have bothered me but since it was already over 80 degrees and humid when I arrived at the parking lot, I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of starting any later. Before the race started, I knew that I’d be running a little slower than I’d hoped (my “plan B” pace) because of the heat and humidity. Not a big deal though and I adjusted my “finish time” expectations accordingly. The first 4 miles felt really good. I stuck to my “plan B” run/walk intervals and felt strong. Around about mile 6, I noticed the heat and humidity taking a bit of a toll – I definitely appreciated the water-soaked towel strips handed out by race volunteers. Since I ran with a CamelBak I didn’t stop at water stops to grab water. I grabbed some Gatorade at one of the aid stations around mile 8 and then again at the next two stations.

Miles 9 through 12 definitely felt the hardest. Man, it was hot and humid! I saw my husband between miles 12 and 13 – such a boost to my morale!!! He ran with me for a bit which helped so much. I also saw my sister-in-law and her family – so grateful for their support too!

Half Marathon Sign 1

I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful support, texts, prayers and well-wishes. Thank you, everyone! When I got home I stretched, foam rolled and soaked my legs in cold water. And yes, I’m already looking forward to my next half marathon…

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  1. Lisa Leavitt says:

    That’s awesome Emily!!! You’re amazing!

  2. Congrats on your first half! I also have a goal of completing a half by the time I’m 30 🙂 Thanks again for the guest post on my blog- I’ve enjoyed your advice about learning to run in the humidity! Florida is h-o-t this time of year.

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