I’ve got another great app to share with you today – EveryMove! Have you tried it yet? EveryMove is a free app that allows you to earn rewards simply for being active. EveryMove also syncs with a number of fitness/nutrition applications to streamline tracking.

You choose from different rewards or donate your activity points to a charitable organization. I started logging my marathon training runs and already earned my first reward – 25% of an online order from Health Warrior.

What I like: I get rewarded for my normal workouts without having to do any added activities. Pretty nice! I really like the variety of activities listed – barre, car washing, climbing stairs, running, crossfit, foam rolling, housework, tabata, stretching and many more.

Running, stretching, weight lifting and foam rolling are definitely some of my favorite ways to work out and I was thrilled to find those activities listed. Logging my workouts, choosing my reward and finding other fitness/nutrition applications to sync with EveryMove went smoothly. I was also impressed with the number of applications that can sync with EveryMove – MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Nike+, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Garmin Connect, etc.

Since I already use MyFitnessPal (to track food and activity) and Fitbit, I felt pretty happy to see these as options.

EveryMove also has a great online community where individuals can get support from family and friends. Many exercisers I know are motivated by sharing workout logs so this is a great way to connect and encourage others to keep moving.

What I don’t like: When logging an activity, I had to enter the type of activity, duration and the time at which I performed the activity. I didn’t like having the extra step of logging the time of day the activity occurred. Since logging activities is pretty simple, it wasn’t a big inconvenience.

Ultimately, I found EveryMove very user-friendly. Not only was I able to log my activities easily and connect with other fitness/nutrition applications but I earned rewards without changing my normal routine! If you’d like to know more you can check out EveryMove on Facebook at EveryMove and on Twitter at @EveryMove

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to try EveryMove and review it on my blog. All opinions provided are my own.

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