Marathon Training Week 1 Completed and JEFIT

So, I made it through week 1 of marathon training! Last week I did 3 runs (40 minutes, 40 minutes and 5 miles) and 3 days of strength training.

This week I’ll be doing the same workout but my long run will be 6 miles instead of 5 miles. I’m also back to running on the treadmill since temperatures in Texas are beginning to hit the triple digits. Since I’m running or strength training so often, I’m getting bored with my playlists. I’ve started listening to books but find it difficult for a book to motivate me to push through a tough workout.

I’m also thrilled with how much I enjoyed my strength training workouts this week. Generally I don’t do much strength training outside of classes at the gym but I know that it will be very important in keeping me injury-free as I train for the marathon. My husband introduced me to JEFIT – a free app that keeps track of strength training workouts, suggests exercises and logs my progress. One of my biggest issues with strength training is that I don’t plan out what muscle groups I want to work at the beginning of the week. When I get to the gym, I finally think about what muscle group I want to work that day and then waste time trying to think of exercises to do. With JEFIT, I have a schedule of muscle groups with specific exercises planned out BEFORE I start my workouts for the week. It’s awesome. I also love that the app keeps track of my reps, weight amounts and sets so that I don’t have to remember the numbers from week to week. Definitely takes some of the stress out of strength training!

How do you motivate yourself to push through a tough workout?
Have you tried JEFIT?

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5 Responses to Marathon Training Week 1 Completed and JEFIT

  1. I love JEFIT – that’s the app I’ve been using for the last year and it really makes workouts easier. 🙂

    • Em says:

      Heather, it really does make things easier! It’s much more convenient for me than carrying a notebook to the gym since I can never remember the weight or how many reps I did during my last workout. Glad it’s working for you too!

  2. OOH a new app to try! I will. I need motivation for strength training. I hate it as much as I love running!

    I am loving Hot 5 and J & J 7 Minute Workout apps for body weight workouts.

    • Em says:

      Erica, the app has definitely helped motivate me to strength train! I’ll have to check out the apps you mentioned. Body weight workouts are great!

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