Parker County Peach Festival

Yesterday I went to Weatherford with a friend for the Parker County Peach Festival – and had so much fun! We visited a number of vendor displays, picked up some delicious peaches (and other snacks) and had lunch.

I loved seeing the clever toys and beautiful crafts at the vendor displays. Last year I saw a vendor selling potato pockets. They are essentially envelopes made of cotton material. You put a potato in the pocket and then cook the potato in the microwave. Supposedly the pocket gives the baked potato an “oven baked taste” even though the potato cooks in the microwave. I didn’t pick one up last year because they were a bit pricy. This year I found a vendor selling really cute potato pockets for a great price so I decided to pick one up. I love sweet potatoes but hate waiting for them to cook in oven (and how hot the apartment gets). Hopefully the potato pocket will be a success!

As mentioned, I picked up some DELICIOUS peaches and beef jerky. The peaches remind me of the Allred Orchards peaches I got every fall while in college. YUM! In addition to peaches, the peach festival also offered peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach juleps and peach lemonade. I didn’t try any of these treats since they were sugary but I brought some peach cobbler home for my husband. My friend got a peach julep and some peach ice cream. She said both tasted great!

If you have the opportunity to attend a peach festival, I highly recommend it!

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