Planning One Day At A Time to Combat Stress

I spent a large portion of today feeling overwhelmed. My schedule is pretty packed for the next couple of weeks and my normal routine will change somewhat. A planner by nature, uncertainty and significant changes to my routine cause me stress. Since some of my biggest sources of stress relief are exercise and healthy, consistent meals, I know it’s crucial that I make time for those things. Unfortunately, if I’m not careful, those are also the first things that get dropped whenever I’m short on time. So, I get stressed about managing to fit in the things that should relieve my stress! Does anyone else have that problem?!

I came to a realization today – a big part of my current stress comes from uncertainty about when I’ll be able to squeeze exercise and healthy meals into my schedule over the next few weeks. I’m overwhelmed when I try to plan workouts for a couple of weeks at once. At the same time, exercise will be CRUCIAL to keeping my stress levels down over the next few weeks. I came up with a plan – granted, it’s overwhelming for me to figure out how I’ll make the workouts happen over the next few weeks BUT if I take the planning one day at a time and just make sure my workout is scheduled before the day starts, it will be manageable.

As far as food goes, my plan is to be proactive and make sure I bring healthy, high-protein snacks with me (protein bars, protein powder, fruit, etc.). Scrambling to find a smart choice once I’m starving won’t help me at all. Anyone else been there?

I also realized I need to accept help when it’s offered. I tend to take on too much, leaving myself feeling burned-out, which doesn’t help anyone.

Equally important is my need to stay centered daily through prayer and “personal time” (reading, pondering, etc). My day goes MUCH better when these practices are included. How will I ensure I make time? Plan my days one day at a time.

So, I’ve got my goal to plan exercise, healthy snacks and personal time one day at a time over the next few weeks. Will it still be stressful? Possibly. Will it be manageable? Definitely.

What are your tips for staying healthy during stressful times?

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2 Responses to Planning One Day At A Time to Combat Stress

  1. Farrah says:

    Working out and making awesome food tends to be my favorite way to stay healthy when I’m stressed out too! …But those tend to be the things I feel most guilty about still doing when I’m stressed (I keep getting this nagging feeling that I should be studying :[ ). Gotta work in a balance somehow!

    I know Esther already nominated you for this, but if it’s cool with you, I’d like to doubly nominate you? :D? More info here! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Em says:

      Glad to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with finding a balance. 🙂 You’re amazing for working so hard in school. When I was in grad school I felt guilty sometimes for working out too. Sometimes I’d bring something along to study or other times I’d just give my mind a break. I believe that exercise makes us better students though! Keep it up – you’re amazing! Thanks also for the nomination. I’m honored!!

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