Solemates High Heeler Product Review

Do your high heels ever sink in the grass or get caught in cracks while walking on the sidewalk? I’ve experienced these problems and am excited to tell you about the Solemates High Heeler, a product designed to solve these high heel woes.

The Solemates High Heeler comes in three sizes – narrow, classic and wide. The sizes also come in four colors – clear, gold, silver and black. I received the clear classic size to test and review on my blog.

What I liked: The clear classic High Heeler is made from clear, flexible material and fit easily over the heels of my stilettos. I loved that the High Heeler is discrete and did not change the way my heels felt while walking around. I tested the High Heeler on both grass and the sidewalk. The High Heeler did make walking on grass MUCH easier – no sinking or getting stuck! When I tested the High Heeler on the sidewalk, the High Heeler prevented my heels from getting stuck in the sidewalk cracks.

What I didn’t like: Although the High Heeler was easy to remove, it left tiny indentations on the heel of my stilettos. Also, the High Heeler did not fit on the heels of all of my shoes but this could be fixed by purchasing the wide style of High Heeler.

Ultimately, the High Heeler lived up to its promise to discretely make walking on grass and sidewalks in high heels easier. Additionally, the retail price of $9.95 is very reasonable for a product that can be used many times with multiple pairs of heels. When I know I’ll be wearing my heels in a grassy area or will have to walk on sidewalks, I will definitely use the High Heeler to make my life easier.

The Solemates High Heeler is available for purchase online on the Solemates High Heeler website and can also be purchased at select stores including Bed Bath and Beyond, DSW and Nordstrom. If you’d like to know more, please check out the High Heeler on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received the clear classic Solemates High Heeler to test and review on my blog. All opinions provided are my own.

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