Protein Milkshake Bar Protein Powder Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Protein Milkshake Bar and offered a sample of protein powder to review. I love the benefits protein supplements provide (quicker recovery and less soreness after workouts, feeling fuller doing the day, etc.) so I jumped at the opportunity to become familiar with another brand of protein powder. I received one serving of the Cinnamon Bun flavor to taste and review.

What I liked: The Cinnamon Bun flavor tasted great – mild and creamy with a hint of sweet cinnamon. I liked that the protein powder was neither chalky nor gritty. I tested one serving so I didn’t have enough protein powder to try blending it with different fruits but I imagine that since the cinnamon was not overpowering, the flavor would pair well with typical protein shake ingredients.

What I didn’t like: I realize that many people have access to shaker cups and blenders but since I’m often on the go with only a spoon and cup, I look for protein powders that mix easily without needing a blender. Initially I mixed the protein powder with almond milk using a spoon – rather than absorbing into the almond milk, the powder clumped together. (Incidentally, if you also struggle with finding a protein powder that mixes easily with only a spoon, I recommend checking out Optimum Nutrition.) After trying to mix the protein powder by hand, I poured the protein powder/almond milk mixture into my Magic Bullet and blended – the result was smooth and creamy.

Ultimately, I liked the flavor of the protein powder but “mixibility” is key for me – I need a protein powder that mixes easily on the go. If you always have a shaker cup or blender handy, you won’t have a problem. My body doesn’t handle dairy very well but I didn’t have any stomach discomfort after drinking the protein powder. The cost ($29.99 per pound) is a bit cost prohibitive for me but if you are looking for a designer protein, this is a tasty protein powder that’s worth a try.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the Cinnamon Bun protein powder from Protein Milkshake Bar to taste and review. All opinions provided are my own.

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12 Responses to Protein Milkshake Bar Protein Powder Review

  1. Yum Cinnamon Bun Shake, that actually sounds delicious! I too actually don’t own a blender, well not one that is easy to just whip up a shake, but maybe putting it into a cup with a lit and a lot of shaking would give the same effect of a blender while on the go? I’ll have to keep this shake in mind!

    • Em says:

      Kristy, I have a “shaker cup” (a cup with a lid and a ball inside that helps mix the protein powder and liquid). It’s helpful for on the go protein shakes when a spoon just doesn’t do the trick.

  2. Omg a cinnamon bun flavor protein powder? That sounds amazing (and much healthier than the real thing, haha)!

  3. Great honest review-I like mixability too but that flavor sounds great!

    • Em says:

      Thanks! The flavor was really good. I bet the protein would mix fine with a shaker cup or blender but I love protein powders that mix well with just a spoon!

  4. Rebecca Jo says:

    I’m always looking for a good protein shake.. I’m big about the clumping too – eww! Totally turns me off of a product.
    That flavor sounds amazing though.

  5. The cinnabon flavor sounds delicious! It would be like have a healthy dessert!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I would love to try the product. However, it has been over 12 weeks and I still have not received any product. When I first ordered, I had to choose alternatives since they were out of stock. I chose the alternatives and then received an email from the owners saying I needed to choose something else (again) or wait approximately 6 weeks. I chose to wait….I am still waiting. What makes matters worse is that I have sent several emails starting at week 8 asking for a refund. They will not respond to any of the emails nor have they processed any of my payment 🙁 So disappointed and going back to Almased. I was only trying ProteinMilkshakeBar based on a friend’s experience.

    • Em says:

      Hi Jennifer, I’m really sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with ProteinMilkShareBar. I hope that you are able to find a protein powder that you like!

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