Nailed It! SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Collection

I love having painted nails! Painted nails help me feel cute, feminine and festive. However, painting my nails takes work and I’m not a fan of investing the time only to have the polish chip a day or two later. If I’m going to take the time to paint my nails, I want to enjoy them for at least a couple of days. When I find a polish that’s a great color, long-lasting AND reasonably priced, I feel pretty triumphant. I’m excited to tell you about a nail polish collection that meets all these requirements – SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Collection.

I had the opportunity to choose 4 colors from the SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Collection to test and review on my blog. My goodness, it was difficult to pick which colors I wanted to try – the 22 shades in the collection are BEAUTIFUL! The colors fall into 4 categories:

Holiday Faves
Ice Dream
Let’s Talk
Out of This World
Pine Away
Red Eye
Snow Me White
Sugar Sugar

Decked with Glitter Flakes
Holiday Rebel
Twilight Twinkles
Unwrap Me

Blues & Hints of Gold
All About You
Endless Blue
Gold Medal
Ice Blue
Midnight Blue

Opalescent Toppers
Bring It Sheer
Outta Space

I eventually settled on Let’s Talk (royal purple), Pine Away (metallic glittering green), Gold Medal (metallic hold) and Hottie (blue with silver sparkles).

As you can see, the beautiful colors make blogging even more fun! 🙂 (My ring fingers are painted with Let’s Talk and my other fingers are painted with Hottie.)

What I liked: The consistency of the polish is great – thin enough to paint precisely but also rich enough to get color without needing many coats. I was really impressed when I tried Let’s Talk (royal purple) and got great color and coverage with only one coat. Also, the colors were really beautiful – rich royal hues and fun glittery shades. The variety of colors is great and makes it easy to create any holiday look. Additionally, the polish’s longevity is pretty decent. I painted my nails on a Saturday. On Tuesday I had a couple of tiny chips but noticeable chips didn’t turn up until Wednesday night. Finally, the color stayed vibrant – no dullness despite lots of hand washing!

What I didn’t like: Using gel polish has spoiled me (no chips for at least a week!) so I felt a little disappointed that this polish chipped less than a week after application. However, this is NOT a gel polish and lasted as long as the non-gel polishes I typically use.

Ultimately, I really liked this polish – the colors are fantastic and will definitely add a festive flare to my holiday attire. The polishes are available at Walgreens for $1.99 (an awesome value!!). If you’d like more information, be sure to check out SinfulColors on Facebook and on Twitter ((@SinfulColorsNP).

Disclaimer: I received 4 bottles of SinfulColors nail polish to test and review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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7 Responses to Nailed It! SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Collection

  1. I am always so boring when it comes to nail polish color. I have to think out of the box and tr some different ones.

  2. I love getting my nails done especially this time of year with all of the fun Holiday Colors.

  3. I love doing my nails too! But I won’t pay for others to do them, so I take care to do them myself:) I am actually wearing a dot design on my nails with the Sinful brand right now, it’s not my favorite, but its not bad either! I’m kinda a crazy person with nail polish, I can’t walk past a nail polish isle without buying one, which is probably why I have over 200 colors, LOL I am not even kidding on that!
    I’ll give you a little trick, if you paint your nails yourself again. If you want the polish to stay on a week without chipping. I found a topcoat brand, by Nail-aid., I use the 3 minute 11x gel power coat. I generally put 2 coats of it on. It does two things, it helps the polish set a bit quicker, but it also does really last chip free for a week, and I have even had it last up to 14 days without a chip. It’s not even expensive stuff either, which is kinda cool:) I just buy mine at Walmart:)

    • Em says:

      Thanks for the tip!! I’ll look for the topcoat – it would be awesome for my polish to last a week!

  4. Cute colors…and you really can’t beat that price!

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