100 days to a healthier you!!

It’s no secret that I love prizes – especially fitness related prizes. I’ve kept a food log to win a basket of healthy snacks, hula hooped at an expo for a t-shirt …. Yes, by participating in these challenges I win a healthier body but let’s be honest, I also do it for the prizes. 🙂

I signed up to participate in a health challenge that starts next week. I committed to complete a specific number of miles over the next 100 days (walking, running, biking, swimming, elliptical, etc.). This challenge got me thinking about other good habits I could adopt over the next 100 days. My marathon is about 3 weeks away (yikes!!) and I’ve got a few ideas for my next running goal once I’ve finished the marathon. As I get closer to the marathon (and I get increasingly nervous), I’m trying to do everything I can to give my body its best chance to be successful. During my fitness research, I keep coming across the importance of training, nutrition and REST.

During my training I haven’t been great about rest days or making sure I get extra sleep when I do my long runs and races. The last few weeks I’ve made more of an effort to take a rest day before a long run and make sure I get a little extra sleep. What a difference!!

In honor of my upcoming marathon and mile challenge, I’ve decided to set a 100 day challenge for myself.

My health/fitness goal over the next 100 days is to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I know this might sound crazy for those of you who manage just fine on much less sleep … my body doesn’t. Achieving this goal will help with my marathon training, recovery, strength gains, eating habits (I definitely eat more when I’m tired) and general stress level. Will it be challenging? Of course. I get up at 5 am on weekdays. Will it be worth it? Definitely.

I’d love it if you’d join me. The rules are simple – pick a health/fitness goal and do your best to meet it for the next 100 days. I’m starting Monday March 16th but feel free to jump in whenever you pick your goal. Need some ideas?

Healthy Eating

100 Days of Real Food I love this mom’s blog about how she and her family ate “real food” and improved their health. Not looking for a big commitment? No problem. Check out her “10 Days of Real Food Pledge”, tips and recipes.

Kath Eats Real Food Great when I need inspiration and confirmation that eating real food has great benefits


Always wanted to complete a 5k or 10k? Great! Sign up for a race and train over the next 100 days. Need training plan ideas? Check out:

Jeff Galloway (Run/Walk)
Hal Higdon

Weight Lifting

Looking for a training plan? Check out:


Motivation/Body Image

Fit Girl’s Guide Blog A really entertaining blog with workouts, recipes and “fit girl tips”. I love the writing style – conversational, clever and motivating.

I’ll keep you posted on how my goal is coming along and share the outcome when the 100 days are over. I’d love to have you join me. What is your health/fitness goal for the next 100 days? I’m here to support you!!

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7 Responses to 100 days to a healthier you!!

  1. I love all of the challenges I’ve been doing too. They really help keep up the motivation during the winter.

  2. Eating healthy is so hard to do when I travel so much for my job. Goodluck in your taper for the marathon!

  3. Melissa D says:

    Yes to more sleep! I am a night owl, so the temptation to stay up and read is huge…but I could do better getting off of Facebook earlier. 😉

  4. Love the 100 day challenge!
    I hope you have great luck achieving your goal!!!
    I do have goals over the next 100 days, one of them being hopefully to get back into running marathons “knock on wood” anytime I talk about it I swear I jinx it, LOL

  5. I love this challenge! I never get as much sleep as I really need (which for me is unfortunately more in the 8-9 hours range) but I’m trying to make it a priority!

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