YouTube Channel Announcement AND My Top 5 Tips for a Successful Early Morning Workout

Hi, everyone!  I’m excited to announce that I’ve started a YouTube channel.  I plan on incorporating more videos into my blog posts and I’d love to hear what you think.  I’m hoping that my YouTube channel can be a place where I share my health and fitness journey with you and learn more about your health and fitness journeys.  Support is crucial to our success in maintaining healthy lives and this will be a great opportunity to learn from each other.  I’ll also be adding other topics to the channel – things I love like makeup, health and fitness product reviews and travel.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can stay up to date with my videos!

Today’s video is a collection of 5 tips I have for maintaining a successful morning exercise routine.  I “converted” to early morning exercise about 18 months ago and discovered that this truly is the time of the day that works best for me to exercise.  Don’t get me wrong, I do glare at my alarm when it goes off… 🙂

I’m a big believer that the best time of the day to workout is WHATEVER TIME WORKS BEST FOR YOU!  Everyone is different and what works for my life and my schedule may not work for you.  No problem!  I think these tips will still be helpful, whatever time of day (or night) you choose to exercise.  Without further adieu, here are my top 5 tips for a successful early morning exercise routine:

What time of day works best for you to exercise?  What are your go-to tips for maintaining an exercise routine? 

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8 Responses to YouTube Channel Announcement AND My Top 5 Tips for a Successful Early Morning Workout

  1. Christa Johnsen says:

    Great first video! Can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  2. Great idea to start a new workout channel series!
    Although I hate to get up early, I have found I really enjoy running in the morning far more than later in the day, for similar reasons as you. By the end of the day, sometimes I just want to go home and relax.
    I agree same time each day, and prepping the night before helps. If I don’t do that, it’s so easy to talk myself out of it as I am searching for the right sportsbra or shoes I want for that run, LOL
    I’ve heard some even will sleep in their workout clothes, I haven’t done it yet. But if I ever had to change my running time to even earlier I wouldn’t put it past me to give that one a try!
    Good luck with your new video series. Looking forward to seeing what you put together!

    • Em says:

      Thank you! Sleeping in my workout clothes is a good idea. That might help me get out the door faster in the morning. LOL! Your blog posts are so inspiring. I’m always excited to see what you post!!

  3. Bonnie Ramon says:

    Emily, I love this video! Thanks for sharing this valuable information! Love you!

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