I’ve Got Butterflies … on my SLS3 Compression Socks!

Have you tried compression socks?  I’ll admit, when I initially read about them on running blogs and in running books my first thought was, “Compression socks?  I thought only old women wore those…”Well, I tried them and let me tell you, they are fantastic!  Some people like to wear them while running but I prefer to put them on right after a run (after I’ve showered).  I find that the compression eases some of the aches and helps keep my feet from getting as swollen after long runs.

Compression socks also come in handy while traveling.  Last year my husband and I took an overseas trip.  On our last day, we walked around a TON and it was really hot outside.  Then when we got to the airport, we sat around for a couple of hours waiting for our flight.  When we landed for our layover, my feet were pretty swollen…. I really wished I’d packed a pair of compression socks!  Now I slip a pair into my backpack whenever we’re going to be on a plane for a long time.

I had the opportunity to try SLS3 Compression Socks and really liked them!  I got a pair of the blue butterfly socks in small/medium.  I wear an 8 1/2 size shoe and the socks fit well.  The fabric is soft and the socks had just the right amount of tightness.  My favorite part is the awesome color and design!!

  (Photo is from SLS3 website.  You can view more information about the socks on the SLS3 website here)

Compression socks provide many benefits including reducing swelling and leg fatigue.  You can read more about the benefits of compression here.  If you are interested in the socks, check them out on Amazon.  Right now some of the styles are less than $20!

Disclaimer:  I received a pair of SLS3 Compression Socks to try out and review on my blog.  All opinions are my own.

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