Guide to Food Prep – Part 1 (Introduction)

I’ve shared a little on social media recently about my relationship with food and the food lifestyle I have now.  I’ve received some great questions and I realized some of those questions sparked excellent ideas for blog posts!  This post is the beginning of a three part series I’ll be doing about how my husband and I prep our food.  Don’t feel like you need to prep your food the way we do.  Do what works for you!!  If you are at all curious about food prep, hopefully this series will give you a few ideas.

What does food prep look like?  There are different ways to food prep.  One is to prepare a few items in bulk (for example, crock pot chicken, brown rice, roasted veggies and hard boiled eggs) and have those foods available in the fridge or freezer to make meals as needed throughout the week.  Another option is to prepare items in bulk, as described above, and then measure portions into containers to grab and take to work/school.  This is the option my husband and I do most often.


Meal prep container with shredded crock pot chicken, brown rice and bell peppers

Why do I food prep?  About 4 and a half years ago I stared prepping my breakfasts the night before to save me time in the morning.  You can get the recipe for my favorite prepped breakfast – overnight oats – here.

Overnight Oats Rasp

My all-time favorite prepped breakfast – overnight oats

I discovered that having my breakfast prepped ahead of time guaranteed me a healthy breakfast and saved time.  While dating my husband, I introduced him to overnight oats, and a few years later we still rely on overnight oats as a quick and healthy breakfast.  Over the last year my husband and I started prepping additional meals and found that this saves time, money and helps ensure we have healthy options available when we’re hungry.

How to get started?  Are you someone who likes to start gradually?  Pick one meal (breakfast, for example) and prep a few days worth of those meals.  Or, try prepping a bigger batch of protein than you’d normally cook so that you have some on hand for easy meals throughout the week.  Start small and make it work for you and your lifestyle.

It sounds complicated.  Is this going to take a lot of time?  My husband and I don’t make very complicated meals, which helps lower the amount of time it takes to prep.  We also prep together (for example, my husband will cook and chop protein while I cook grains and prepare veggies).  Grab a friend, roommate, significant other or your kids and have them help you.  Make it fun by putting on some music, visiting with a friend or watching a movie while you prep.

Guide to Food Prep – Part 2 will cover some of my favorite resources and recipe ideas.  If you want to get a head start, check out this food prep video from Heidi Somers (one of my favorite ladies on YouTube who has awesome food prep videos).

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