Guide to Food Prep – Part 2 (Recipe Ideas and Tips)

Happy December!  I hope that everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving!  This post is the second in a three post series on food prep.  If you missed the first post, don’t worry, you can view it here.  The last post provided an introduction to food prep.  In this post I’ll share some of my favorite sources for recipe ideas and tips.

Recipe Ideas

As I mentioned in my previous food prep post, my husband and I are pretty simple in the way we food prep – we choose a protein, grain and at least one vegetable.  For example, we may choose chicken, brown rice and roasted broccoli.  We prepare each of the food items, measure out the portions we want and place the portions in a meal prep container.  We alternate our grains (using brown rice, quinoa and occasionally barley) our protein (chicken, tilapia, ground turkey, crock pot roast) and vegetables.  We also like to vary the seasonings that we use.

Some days I want more of a “meal” and lately I’ve gone to  Gina’s recipes are AMAZING!  I love her philosophy of using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create healthy meals.  Here are links to some of Gina’s recipes that I’ve tried and loved:

Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken

Kayln’s Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili

Turkey Chili Taco Soup

Cajun Chicken Pasta on the Lighter Side

Loaded Baked Omelette Muffins

I’ve also had good success with recipes from Our Best Bites (I especially like the healthy meals section) and Iowa Girl Eats.

I also love watching Heidi (Buff Bunny), Jen (HunnyBunsFit) and Ashley (1fitASHmom)’s meal prep videos on YouTube to get meal prep ideas and tips.  The previous post has a link to a great meal prep video from Heidi.  Here are a couple of other meal prep videos you may want to check out:

Buff Bunny: how I meal prep my food (recipes included)

HunnyBunsFit: healthy recipes + meal prep ideas

1fitASHmom: 1 hr. bikini meal prep Italian inspired

1fitASHmom: what’s cooking in Ashley’s kitchen? bikini competition meal prep



*Meal prep what you and your family can reasonably eat in a few days.  Meal prepped food won’t last forever and doesn’t taste as good after a few days (and could lead to food poisoning if not eaten within an appropriate amount of time).  My husband and I usually prep twice during the week so that our food doesn’t sit too long in the fridge.

*Use meal prep containers that are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

*Get your family, significant other, friends, etc. involved when you meal prep.  Washing, chopping, cooking and measuring are a lot faster and more fun when people you love are involved.

*Meal prep foods that you and your family like to eat.

I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you’ve found this helpful and be sure to check back for Food Prep Guide – Part 3.

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